I imagine myself as an explorer who is slowly but intently charting a new world. Much of my life has thus far included various expeditions or forrays into different fields.

Here are a few of the stops I have made along the way:

  • aspn

    Distributed network for hosting microservices

    Gear Used: Rust, GCP, PostgresQL, WebAssembly
  • Post Roe Co

    Post Roe Co is providing visibility into corporations a post roe society

    Gear Used: Notion, Super.so
  • Javascript Ray Tracer

    Basic raytracer with bounding-volume hierarchy

    Gear Used: Javascript, gl-matrix
  • gci

    Git Checkout Interactive Rust command line tool

    Gear Used: Rust, Github Workflows
  • Solana Auth

    Open source authentication package for Solana wallets

    Gear Used: Next.js, Solana Wallet Adapter, Lerna